Minor in Digital Imaging Design

The Minor in Digital Imaging Design provides students with the abilities to create professional quality documents using the latest in computer technology. Previous students have found that the information and skills taught in the Minor in Digital Imaging Design have been very valuable in assisting them to be successful in their occupation.

The Graphic Communication courses give an excellent introduction into the printing and publishing world with hands-on assignments. The Electronic Publishing courses are "desk-top publishing" courses that use the Adobe Creative Suite software to work with images and documents. Digital Photography is a very popular course to provide experience in using Adobe Photoshop to create images for use in many different computer applications. In the Supporting Courses, students have the opportunity to take courses in either print or web publishing, or to take one course in each area.

Course Requirements
  • GCM 211 - Graphic Communications
  • GCM 217 - Electronic Publishing
  • GCM 313 - Digital Photography
  • GCM 317 - Electronic Publishing II
Supporting Courses

Select two courses from:

  • GCM 255 - Web Publishing
  • GCM 316 - Graphic Communications II
  • GCM 318 - Flexographic Printing
  • GCM 319 - Specialty Graphic Imaging
  • GCM 355 - Web Animation
  • GCM 455 - Web Publishing II
Total Requirements (18 hours)

No more than nine hours of courses taken for a major may be counted toward this minor.

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